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  • About BSVÖ

    Working for an inclusive and accessible society

    According to the 2008 National Report on Disability, about 318,000 persons living in Austria are visually impaired. They have a sight problem that is not fully correctable by spectacles, contact lenses, surgery, or medication.

    Founded in 1946, the Austrian Federation of the Blind and Partially Sighted (BSVÖ) is the country’s largest self-help organisation of its kind.

    Our mission is to promote the interests and address the special needs of those living with visual impairment in order to contribute to an inclusive society in which blind and partially sighted lead a self-determined life.

    As an effective umbrella organisation, the BSVÖ represents its seven regional associations’ concerns and needs throughout all of Austria, by advancing political and legislative initiatives on the national level, and by offering a strong and reliable partnership on the local level.

    On the national level, the BSVÖ is a member of the Austrian National Council of Disabled Persons (ÖAR), whereas on international level the European Blind Union as well as the World Blind Union constitute invaluable allies for creating inclusive societies, in Austria, Europe and worldwide.